Natasha Pap, Heir to the Throne, ISBN 978-3-902970-31-2, published August 2015
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20 years old Nadia lives with her aunt, who wants nothing more then to see her niece happily married and continuing the family business. But Nadia has hopes and dreams of her own, she has no intention of becomeing a tailor, and marriage is the last thing on her mind. While figuring out how to go after what she really wants, Nadia meets 22 year old Damon. Not always easy to deal with himself and just as stubborn, Damon meets his match when he enchanters Nadia.

Using her highly developed and unique negotiation skills, Nadia convinces Damon to help her in her quest. Their search takes them further then they ever expected, to the world of secrets, lies and conspiracies bigger then anything they could ever imagine.